Via Livonica is a route for tourists interested in religion and spirituality. The core of this route is the religious and architectural heritage of Livonia. Via Livonica passes through the regions of medieval Livonia (Southern Estonia and Northern Latvia) and its neighbouring areas, including Setomaa and Pskov (Russia). Via Livonica can be regarded as an ecumenical pilgrimage route on the frontier between the Western and Eastern churches, encompassing Lutheran, Orthodox, Catholic, Old Believers’ and Unity of the Brethren churches. Via Livonica welcomes all wayfarers interested in the history, culture and spirituality of Livonia and its neighbourhood.

The Via Livonica travel package is a comprehensive travel service consisting of the following services: guides (one guide/bus assistant present throughout th

These are some examples of the routes we offer:

Via Livonica Long Route

Via Livonica Short Route

Livonian Way of St. James: the classic Via Livonica pilgrimage

Capitals and crossroads of the Baltics

The Forgotten Baltics: Livonia, Courland and East Prussia

Pihkva, Tallinn and Via Livonica

Medieval Livonia: history, spirit and architecture

The Sounds of Via Livonica – concert tour of Livonia

Via Livonica Energy Tour

Tour of Three Regions: Setomaa, Pihkvamaa and Võrumaa

Discovering the Spirit of the Lake Peipsi Region

Mosaics of the Lake Peipsi Region

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