Tartu is an old Hanseatic town that serves as the notional centre of Via Livonica. You can begin your spiritual travels with a one-day city pilgrimage through the churches of Tartu or a longer trip to around Lake Peipsi and Southern Estonia. Tartu is also a great place to begin a more thorough study of the Via Livonica by going to the Petseri Monastery or to Riga, the capital of medieval Livonia, followed by the former Courland and East Prussia.

Tartu St. John’s Church (14th century) is the meeting point of the ancient Christian view of the world and the 21st century way of thinking. This is the notional centre of the Via Livonica, where anyone interested in pilgrimages can find information about churches and routes and develop a suitable mindset for their upcoming pilgrimage. You can ask for a blessing for your pilgrimage if the pastor is present.


winter: Tue-Sat 10-18

summer: Mon-Sat 10-19

Divine Services with Holy Communion: Sun 11:00  

There are 15+1 churches in Tartu - you can read about them below

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